Wrk It Girl started in March of 2012 with the goal of helping young women and girls achieve self-acceptance and a healthy self-image through positivity and education. Tutorials and posts are made to educate you all on how to create a look that you’re going for and to promote a good feeling within. The idea is that the good feeling will lead to a heightened sense of confidence, positivity and productiveness to do amazing things in life. I myself struggled with body image and confidence issues growing up. Since I have developed some tools to overcome these issues I wanted to share this with you and to encourage you to “Wrk It Girl!”. My motto is “if you look good, then you feel good; if you feel good, you’ll do good”. I hope that this concept helps you and encourages you to look your best so that you feel your best and so that you’ll do great and amazing things in this world! Spread this positive platform to other young women and watch each other rise to the top!

xoxo, Marcella Sky, Editor-in-Chief Wrkitgirl.com


FTP disclosure:

This website was created independently of any company and all opinions are of Wrk IT Girl.com. None of the posts are sponsored (unless stated otherwise in the post)nor is the website itself sponsored by any company. Every product and clothing item used/featured was purchased by Wrk IT Girl (unless stated by a c/o). All pictures are taken by myself unless stated otherwise at the bottom of the post giving credit to the photographer. If there are any additional questions or concerns please email info@wrkitgirl.com.


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