BH Cosmetics Haul and Review

I recently purchased some items from BH Cosmetics and I have mixed feelings about it. My favorite item was the 120 Color Palette. The pigments are very rich and true to color. They stay on all day if you use an eyeshadow primer. I was reluctant to buy it in the first place because I got a palette from ELF cosmetics and I was unhappy with the pigments and their color payoff. It has an upper layer and lower lower and both are removable for easy handling. The packaging is great as well as it come in a gloss finish and I think it makes it look very fresh and professional.

I was moderately happy with the concealer and blush palettes. The concealer was ok. It feels kind of cakey when I apply it and it makes my skin dry out in the areas I used it on. The up-side to the concealer is that it does provide some pretty good coverage which is the whole point of concealer. So if you’re willing to end up with dry skin, then I say this is worth the money.

The blush palette is so-so as well. I was disappointed that there weren’t more shades of blush. There were only 2 shades of pink, a darker pink and a light pink. The rest of the palette is for contouring, which is fine, but I would have liked more blush colors to play with.

My least favorite item and that I would highly recommend NOT purchasing is the brush set. I believe all of their brushes are of the same quality. I took them out the package and just for kicks, I used a few of them with some of the blush and eyeshadows just to see how they felt on my skin and the brushes immediately started to shed! I mean shed! I had little black makeup brush hairs all over my face from just using them for a few seconds. They are so cheaply made and are not worth any amount of money. I bought some makeup brushes from Target just to give you an idea of the difference, the Target brushes are like Tory Burch and the BH Cosmetics brushes are like Payless. I am so disappointed and I will not purchase any tools from BH Cosmetics in the future. If you are looking for affordable makeup brushes, I highly recommend Target.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that this gives you an idea of BH Cosmetics products and if you have any questions on their products just leave a comment!

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  1. beauty says:

    if the brushes are so cheaply made then y don’t BH cosmetics raise their standard of the brush production????

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