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IOMA Skincare Launch Party

Hello there friends! Today I am sharing an amazing new skincare line that merges technology and beauty. Yes, technology and beauty, who knew!?

This line originated in Paris and they are exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue Locations. The party had champagne and light bites with an amazing singer who performed live with a pianist. The whole vibe was just amazing!

I worked with Kathy from IOMA and she took me through the entire process step-by-step starting with my skin analysis. The skin analysis is done on a globe-like machine and it takes pictures of your face with different types of light. It takes about 2 minutes and then you get your personalized analysis along with recommendations to treat and improve your skin. I personally have very dehydrated and a lot of bacterial activity on my skin especially due to the climate I live in, so I was put into group 1. Group one focuses on hydration and UV damage. Although I had little to no UV damage, I do have dry skin. Kathy gave me a few samples that I’m super excited to try. I found out that I am washing my face with too harsh of a soap so I was given a gentle exfoliant, a sample of the mask, and the cream for hydration.

I cannot wait to share the results!

IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch partyIOMA Skincare launch party IOMA Skincare launch party



February 2013 Favorites!!!

Hello friends! I wanted to share some of my favorite products that I’ve used and came across this month. From Black Soap to flavored water! Click the video below to see what products made the cut this month!
xoxo, Wrk IT Girl!

Celebrating Black History Month with Madame CJ Walker!

Today I wanted to celebrate another day in Black History Month by shining light on Madame CJ Walker. I actually did a project on her in the 10th grade. Her story is so inspiring. She started by selling her homemade beauty products door to door to help supplement her household income for her and her child after her husband passed. She didn’t know it would turn into the hair phenomenon that it did.
In her picture she is wearing a white ruffle top and simple jewelry. I recreated her look with a LuLu Frost twist! I absolutely LOVE LuLu Frost jewelry so I had to include it in this set. I also added some funky flare with polka dot denim and white wedge sneakers. I included some bronzer to keep the makeup simple.


Get Madame CJ Walker's Look!

I Don’t Want A Female Beard!

Biotin Biotin

It’s been almost a year since I chopped off my hair and shaved the sides to end up with a super rad mohawk(see below for pics). I never took into consideration that day that I would want to grow my hair back. (more…)

January 2013 Favorites!

Hello there! I wanted to share my favorite things from this month. Click the video below to find out what they were and why!

January 2013 Favorites!

Thank you so much for visiting and see you next time!

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Bright Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hello All!!! My latest tutorial is now live on YouTube with bright blue, navy blue and black eyeshadows! I am stepping out of the box and trying something totally out of my comfort zone. I used the BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition 120 Color Palette, a white eyeliner, and black eyeliner. Follow the steps in the video to re-create this look!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!!
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Black & Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial


Check out my latest tutorial!!!


How to wear MAC “Rebel” lipstick


I am in love with MAC “Rebel” lipstick! I wanted to share with you all how I wear it and how you can rock this look too!
Since this lip is more of a dark plum color I went with a more subdued eye. I used a light brown all over the lid and dark brown color in my crease. I passed on the black to smoke it out because I was wearing my glasses as well. Since my glasses and lip choice were statement pieces I left my eyes and cheeks toned down.
You can wear this same lip color with an intense smokey eye but just take it easy when you’re applying this lip choice.
How are you rocking your deep plum lips this winter season?
Xoxo, Wrk It Girl!!!

BH Cosmetics Haul and Review

I recently purchased some items from BH Cosmetics and I have mixed feelings about it. My favorite item was the 120 Color Palette. The pigments are very rich and true to color. They stay on all day if you use an eyeshadow primer. I was reluctant to buy it in the first place because I got a palette from ELF cosmetics and I was unhappy with the pigments and their color payoff. It has an upper layer and lower lower and both are removable for easy handling. The packaging is great as well as it come in a gloss finish and I think it makes it look very fresh and professional.

I was moderately happy with the concealer and blush palettes. The concealer was ok. It feels kind of cakey when I apply it and it makes my skin dry out in the areas I used it on. The up-side to the concealer is that it does provide some pretty good coverage which is the whole point of concealer. So if you’re willing to end up with dry skin, then I say this is worth the money.

The blush palette is so-so as well. I was disappointed that there weren’t more shades of blush. There were only 2 shades of pink, a darker pink and a light pink. The rest of the palette is for contouring, which is fine, but I would have liked more blush colors to play with.

My least favorite item and that I would highly recommend NOT purchasing is the brush set. I believe all of their brushes are of the same quality. I took them out the package and just for kicks, I used a few of them with some of the blush and eyeshadows just to see how they felt on my skin and the brushes immediately started to shed! I mean shed! I had little black makeup brush hairs all over my face from just using them for a few seconds. They are so cheaply made and are not worth any amount of money. I bought some makeup brushes from Target just to give you an idea of the difference, the Target brushes are like Tory Burch and the BH Cosmetics brushes are like Payless. I am so disappointed and I will not purchase any tools from BH Cosmetics in the future. If you are looking for affordable makeup brushes, I highly recommend Target.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that this gives you an idea of BH Cosmetics products and if you have any questions on their products just leave a comment!

Sinful Colors: Timbleberry

I enjoyed a night of watching Julie & Julia, a movie about a woman who blogs about cooking and painting my nails with my homegirl Barbee.
I actually didn’t have any “fall colors” on hand but there was a Red color by Revlon handy. I decided to go with the Red since that’s an all around any-season color. After my base coat dries (which I bought for $1.08 at Dollar General, yay me!) I began to apply the Red color. It started to get chunky and pasty after just two strokes of the brush! I was so disappointed because I if you’re anyone who knows me once I make up my mind, my mind is set! It’s hard for me to change direction once I put on that laser vision. I actually continued to apply it on every single nail of my right hand and the outcome was still the same.
So I decided to regroup, removed the nail polish with my $3 acetone from Target and choose a different paint. There was a bright orange color that was almost red. The brand is Sinful Colors in Timbleberry. Reluctantly unscrewing the bottle after my second time applying my base coat I took a deep breath and began to apply. It surprisingly went on really smooth and the actual process of painting was so much faster and neater than my experience 5 minutes earlier with Revlon. I began to get really happy and content of the choice I made to not “beat a dead horse” with that other color and just move on (I think this says something about my personality…hmmm).
Once done, I applied my topcoat let it dry and boy am I happy I met you Sinful Colors! That goes to show that investing in a good polish (that’s really only about $3 or $4 more than the “regular” brands) is so worth it. It’s less hassle, faster process and it looks like the pros did it! Check out my photos of the complete work. My friend Barbee’s nails are featured in one of the pictures (hers are the purple set).
What are your favorite brands of nail polishes?