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#HoustonBloggerBrunch Outfit



I love this outfit I wore to the Blogger Meet and Greet I hosted with my girls NicoleShasieTaylorLeRenda and Heather. A few of my girlfriends/blogger buddies get together for brunch every so often and one time Shasie said “hey why don’t we do a big meet & greet for all of the Houston area fashion/beauty bloggers?!”…and so it was. We began planning and putting together the event about a month ahead of time. When Shasie puts her mind to something, it will happen. That type of tenacity is so inspiring. These women have definitely played a part in my growth as a blogger. I’m so happy they are my friends! I want to thank the Houston Fashion & Beauty community for coming out to not only support, but also get to know one another. We had people from as far as New York City attend!!! We were blown away by the turnout. We love you Houston, TX!

Wearing: Black Wide-Leg Pants | White Cropped Jacket | Gold Statement Necklace | Black Lace-up heels

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Facing Change


Inspiration has found it’s place in many things for me. It’s found in street signs, packaging, Charlie (my dog), purses, nature, you name it. Simply walking across the street can send my brain somewhere creative or think on  a deeper level. Walking across the street reminds me walking a path from one time of your life to experience another because of change. Going through several changes or a single major change can be very scary and intimidating. Even if you’ve always dreamed of something huge to happen or you have wished for it all of your life, nonetheless when it arrives, it is the scariest feeling to know that some things are unknown. How do you know if this risk will really be worth it? What if it turns out to be the biggest mistake of your life? How do you know if you will be a better person because of it?

Well…you don’t know. You have to just keep moving and walk (or run) head-on with that dream that you have so desperately prayed for, asked for, and pursued. Spearhead into your life keeping your core morals in your toolbox and never forgetting where you came from. Make it a mission to strive to be a stronger and smarter person than you were the day before, the week before or the year before. That is all that you can control. Everything else is out of your hands. Train yourself  to focus on the positive attitude that you will have when things happen, be them good or bad.

So, as you see me walking across the street in my ripped jeansTory Burch cross body bag, and Vince Camuto pumps, remember that you can face anything. Just make sure you look fabulous doing it.

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

Wearing: Tory Burch cross body bagripped jeansVince Camuto pumpsblack moto jacketturtle neck

The transition

IMG_3229IMG_3166IMG_3117IMG_3164IMG_3173IMG_3170IMG_3122This Texas weather, boy I tell you. It takes a while to make up it’s mind. Cold one day, and hot the next. It’s dark, rainy and storming and the next hour it’s bright and the sun is shining. I used to hate the bi-polar weather here, but I kind of like it now. I enjoy and welcome all of the weather conditions. Even when I had plans to go outside and enjoy the day, if it starts raining I still find a peace and joy in it. Part of my own transition is trying to appreciate life and all this it provides and one being the beautiful nature we sometimes take for granted.

In light of the weather transition, it was appropriate to pair this turtle neck with a simple white pencil skirt and of course my signature pop of color, the red heels. I brought it all together with a pair of stud earrings and sunglasses. This is an easy way to go glam without even trying.

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The Red-Orange Blazer


photography by Lillian H.

That is one loud blazer! Yes, I know this. This piece is usually worn out and about when I want to make a statement with not so much effort. Throw on some simple jewelry and voila! Ready to go. This is a classic blazer, in a bright color that can easily go from office chic to downtown happy hour. This was recently worn to the office and it was a huge hit! It definitely motivated me to take more “color” risk when handling business.

Outfit Details: Orange Blazer: Century 21 in NYC, NY & Company Slacks, nude heels (similar), watch, bracelets

Fashion Exchange Event Recap

The other night we attended the Fashion Exchange at Kendra Scott in Rice Village and it had a great turnout! I was so happy we were able to make it out despite the really bad weather we had to endure. Women came from all over the Greater Houston area to donate clothes for The Women’s Home. The Women’s Home helps women heal and rebuild their lives.

The night started with champagne, sweet bites and chatting it up with the locals.  We participated in an instagram contest and I won! Of course I did the big “I won I won!” scream because I rarely win anything. After I got that out the way, I was able to covet my new treasure and it was fellow blogger and local author Megan Silianoff’s new book! Other prize winners received a designer bag and another received a $100 gift card to local designer and Project Runway winner Chloe Dao‘s boutique! There were so many amazing people to mingle with and who all really wanted to make a difference and help other women that are less fortunate.

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How Fame and Partners saved Prom

My prom was a complete disaster and I wish I could have one chance to re-do that night all over again (*true story)! For starters, we (my date and my posse) were so late arriving to prom that we barely caught the photographers as they were packing up their equipment to leave. I did not get to dance one song and as I walked to the ballroom of the hotel, I see all of my fellow classmates walking to their cars & limos to head to after prom. To say the least, I was devastated. If there was a word more devastating than devastated, I would totally [insert here].

Anyway, the biggest topper of it all was that my prom dress was in shambles. I wanted my dress to be a hand-made, one-of-a-kind creation. I asked a family friend who I knew could sew to make my dress. Long story short, over the course of a couple months I asked when the fittings would be and they kept getting pushed back all the way up until the day of the prom was when I saw my dress for the first time. And it was in pieces still. I was so upset I couldn’t believe my dream prom dress was practically material that needed to be sew together still. As she frantically sews me into my dress I am so distraught that I almost decide not to go.

I finally pull myself together, only to miss prom all together. I was very sad for a long time and still get sad when I think about it. I looked forward to it and dreamed about it through all of my school years only for it to end up that way.

I said that to say, if I could go back, I would have simply BOUGHT my prom dress! No hassle, no worries, and I would have had a beautifully made quality gown.

For those of you on the hunt for your prom dress already, I found this really great dress company called Fame and Partners. What’s great is that they have a “customize” option where you can pick your style of dress you like, choose the color you want, and then customize the neckline, skirt shape, etc. Where were you when I needed you?! This is a one stop shop for you creative types that want a hand in how your dress will look or the simple gals who just want to pick a dress and go!

Fame and Partners

Be sure to buy your prom dresses from Fame and Partners if you are wanting a stress-free experience! They have so many affordable options and you will get $20 to spend when you take an online style quiz.

If you’re not looking for prom dresses, this is a great option for bridesmaids dresses as this summer will mark my 4th time as a bridesmaid! Or maybe I’ll do a prom-themed birthday this year! My birthday is in March… you think I should do a big party?

I wanted to share some of the options I would choose for this upcoming prom if I were to go.

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Turbans and Leopard

I decided to enjoy this amazing weather by doing a little shopping and having a Greek lunch. What I love most about this outfit is that it’s super comfortable yet its still super cute and trendy.

Outfit details:

  • Turban: c/o Francesca’s
  • Sunglasses: Forever21
  • Shoes: Dots Fashions
  • Scarf: Banana Republic
  • Top: Target
  • Leggings: Charlotte Russe
  • Jacket: Arden B.
  • Purse: Phillip Lim for Target

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IMG_1817 IMG_1819IMG_1822IMG_1825IMG_1830IMG_1813

A trip down 2013 fashion memory lane

Hey there friends! I wanted to share my favorite styles from 2013 and do a quick trip down memory lane. From our 28-day style challenge to going to the debut of Debonair Lounge we have some great style moments to reflect on.

Over the course of 2013 we had the opportunity to work with The Ruben Stunner Show, Francesca’s Collections, WWD Magic Tradeshows, attend NYFW 2013 and cover Houston designer Cesar Galindo, covering the Enstyle Butik event with Nessa Posso of and Delicia Cordon, hosting a fashion event with Fiat, and being on panel for Saks Fifth Avenue‘s prom event.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support We love you all so much and will continue to bring you more fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

7:29 outfit picSilver Pumps and Ripped Jeans

With Chelsea Coffey Exec. Director of Mia's Closet

With Chelsea Coffey Exec. Director of Mia’s Closet

Playa Del Carmen Day 220130217-205551.jpgNew York Fashion WeekFaux Fur and Leopard at IFBCON

My interview with the Ruben Stunner Show

My interview with the Ruben Stunner Show

Relaxed RockergirlArttie's Austin, TX outfit and Shasa bootiesLeopard and Sequins Leather Boots Kinda WeatherOOTN Debonair 9:23


Gift Idea for Anyone: Eyeglasses


One of the latest and hottest fashion trends right now are glasses. This is a win-win for those of you who actually need eyeglasses to see. You are now spared the teasing and “four-eyes” references. People now want to look like us with even bigger and crazier frames than ever before! We could get use to this.

What better way to bring a little character to your outfit than with a bold pair of eyeglasses with a little color or a little bling on them. For a more professional or demure look you can even try a rimless or clear-rimmed pair which are popular as well. Whether they are super geek or super chic, there are tons of options, prescription or not, that you can choose from.

We found that if you want to buy glasses, the process can be daunting because there are so many places out there to choose from and you want to get the best deal for a quality pair that will last you. So where should you go for these deals and quality frames you ask?

Look no further than your home desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can easily shop for your eyeglasses online. We feel that has a great selection for any style you might be looking for. We also love that there is a virtual mirror feature where you can try on the glasses without ever leaving your home! We tried some eyeglasses on and check out some of our favorite styles we found. Try it out for yourself below!

Visit for great selection and great deals for this holiday season’s gifts.

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Take 15% off + get free shipping on your entire order (orders over $50). Code: FS15

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

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Christmas Dinner Outfit Idea

Hey there friends! I wanted to share a Christmas Dinner outfit idea. This outfit is super simple, comfy and a perfect option for whether you are meeting your boyfriends’ family for the first time or hanging out with your own family.

You can still wear those leather shorts you had from summer and pair them with a pair of tights and a long sleeve fitted shirt. Here we paired with burgundy tights and a black shirt. To keep warm we added the tribal sweater to cozy up with next to the fire. The combat boots are a great choice for comfort but the studs keep them trendy and fashionable. We kept the accessories simple so nothing will be in your face or snagging on other family member’s sweaters as you hug them.

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Christmas Dinner Outfit Inspiration