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Black & Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial


Check out my latest tutorial!!!


Leopard and Sequins with Nonno

Last weekend I went to a new boutique called Nonno. It was owned by a guy who previously was in real estate but he followed his love for fashion and opened up this quirky and unique boutique. I fell in love with it! I felt like I was in Tokyo with all of the anime figurines and colorful accessories. There were so many pieces that I had not seen anywhere else. My shoes that I bought (which are worn in the pictures to follow) have spiked detailing on the back and a peep hole just before the calf starts. They are also lace up but have a zipper on the side which makes for getting ready in a hurry an easy process. I felt that I couldn’t pass these up and they were on sale 30% off! The boutique owner says that he doesn’t order new inventory once it sells out, so to me that meant that there would be very few others with the same pieces I have. I love being different and unique and that’s what I try to choose and dig out when I’m shopping. This place is a diamond in the rough! I also picked out this sequin black dress that I’m wearing in the photo but I chose to style it as a top. I knew I had to get this when I saw it because I can wear it in so many different ways (with a blazer, a belt, etc.). The leopard blazer tones down the boldness of the sequins but still adds drama. My accessories is a Mango bag that I bought when I went to Sweden back in October, and my necklace and earrings were a gift from my last birthday and my watch is from Target!

It was a rainy dreary day today but my outfit added that extra pep in my step to keep my spirits high! Do you have a go-to outfit when you are needing that extra boost?

Thanks for visiting!

xoxo,Wrk It Girl!

*the items were not given gratis by the boutique and I was not sponsored for this post. I bought everything in this outfit on my own.

Golden Globes 2013 Favorites

20130113-215022.jpgI was in awe of these gowns when I watched the Golden Globes tonight. I love Jennifer Lopez’ glamour and old Hollywood hair-do. The gown was so beautifully done by Zuhair Murad with the nude and ornate silver & white detailing. The illusion that she had an art piece all over her “naked” body is my favorite feature of the dress.
Kate Hudson wore a piece by Alexander McQueen who is one of my favorite designers. She has a very sexy and risqué keyhole feature (whicsous typical of McQueen’s work). The gown features gold ornaments that look like jewelry placed strategically on the dress. I love that it is black as I am a lover of clean lines mixed in with a little drama. She went with a sleek straight hair-do and very natural makeup which is exactly how I would have worn this gown. That gown is definitely Wrk It Girl’s style!
And last but not least Jessica Alba in her pink dress by Christian Dior. She looked stunning with her curls side swept and that coral lip against her white teeth was gorgeous! I adored that sweetheart neckline and the diamonds were a show stopper! I am a lover of sparkle so my eye was immediately drawn to her beautiful diamonds.
I was so excited to share my favorites from tonight! What were your favorite looks from the Golden Globes 2013?
Xoxo, Wrk It Girl

Passion and Obsession

I had a revelation this past weekend. I have always loved fashion, makeup and style. I remember as a little girl I would beg my parents for fashion magazines so that I could be up to date on trends and see what designers were bringing to the table. I have been a voluntary student of anything fashion and beauty related. Not by force or pressure but because I truly had a passion and love for it.

Over the past year I have studied and done so much reading on different trends and makeup tricks and learned so much in the process. I know this may sound weird but it has become an obsession of mine. A healthy obsession. I believe if you are not obsessed over what you are doing or your craft then you are not in love with what you do. I see it as a relationship. If you are not continuously nurturing it and trying to keep things interesting it’ll get boring. Even with something you love so much, it can get boring. So you must stay up to date and always learning new ways to keep that spark and flame. This is sounding like a column about relationships but I hope this illustration helps you see my point.

I am sharing my journey with you all and I hope that it only motivates and inspires you to go for your dreams. I am big believer and advocate for chasing your dreams. It has been a tough road and it still is. I have so many challenges that I face every single day, but I must say that my obsession and passion is what’s kept my fire fueled.

Good Luck my friends and I hope to hear about what your passions are!

Xoxo, Wrk It Girl!

Cold/Flu Season Blues


My Hot Curry Soup and Hot Ginger Tea when I had a cold. So yummy and also made me feel so much better.

I had the cold (borderline flu) this winter season and I felt terrible!!! I had a nasty cough, I couldn’t get out of bed, my headaches were terrible and I had the worse stuffy nose.
I took a visit at the doctor and since I went in on the third day of my fever they were unable to prescribe me Tamiflu (which doesn’t cure the flu, it just helps get rid of the symptoms a little faster). As an alternative I was instructed to gets lots of rest, drink fluids, and drink teas and eat soup.
These are the cliché doctor’s orders you’ll hear but they actually really work if you do them!
So I slept for almost an entire day, when I did eat I had warm chicken noodle soup, and I drank hot tea. The tea (or any hot liquid for that matter) helps break up any nasty-ness in your chest (if not then it’ll turn into pneumonia or bronchitis and that’s no fun). The sleep just helped your body to fight off that virus and recharge.
I’m no doctor, but I followed my doctor’s orders and it worked for me! I did take over-the-counter cold/flu meds only at night, but for the most part I was medicine free!
I just wanted to share my experience with you all and to advise to stay home if you are sick and you really do need rest! Don’t go to work or school because you’ll spread the germs.
Good luck on staying germ free this season!
Xoxo, Wrk It Girl!

How to wear MAC “Rebel” lipstick


I am in love with MAC “Rebel” lipstick! I wanted to share with you all how I wear it and how you can rock this look too!
Since this lip is more of a dark plum color I went with a more subdued eye. I used a light brown all over the lid and dark brown color in my crease. I passed on the black to smoke it out because I was wearing my glasses as well. Since my glasses and lip choice were statement pieces I left my eyes and cheeks toned down.
You can wear this same lip color with an intense smokey eye but just take it easy when you’re applying this lip choice.
How are you rocking your deep plum lips this winter season?
Xoxo, Wrk It Girl!!!

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Hello all! I finally connected my blog with Bloglovin’! So you will be able to easily get updates from my website using Bloglovin’! Thank you so much for your support my friends! (Click the link above to get directed to Bloglovin’).

xoxo, Wrk it Girl

What Wrk It Girl Craves

I want to share some of my favorite items that I came across this week and that made it to my wish list, which is also known as “What Wrk It Girl Craves”.

I am loving this YSL leather handbag. The polished look can go with any outfit be it casual or dressy and the simple gold metal detailing is so my style. I spoke about the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers before, so this item was a must for my first wish list. I am in to nude nail polishes at the moment and I happen to love this one by MAC. I also came across the bright colored Ray Bans when I put together my last post, so this style of sunglasses is my next must-have piece! I feel that bright sunglasses are a great statement piece and that little pop of color you need for this cold and sometimes depressing weather.

What are your wrk it girl cravings this week?

xoxo, Wrk It Girl


January week 1 wish list

Isabel Marant , $565 / Yves Saint Laurent / Ray-Ban eyewear

Oversized Sweatshirts

I am in a comfy mood as the heater in my house was finally fixed. I am used to it being so cold everywhere I got at I have evolved to loving the sweatshirt/sweatpants looks. Today I decided to incorporate that comfort and street chic vibe. I paired a “london boys” oversized sweatshirt with a pair of black pleather leggings, green tassle wedge sneaks and an orange statement bag. I topped off the look with these blue Ray Bans that always add that “I’m cool” factor to any fit. I would love to see your twist to this look!

xoxo, wrkitgirl


sweaters and leather

Cotton shirt, $93 / BCBG Max Azria color block legging / Zip shoes, $1,010 / Meredith Wendell zip bag / Ray-Ban blue mirror sunglasses

New Year’s Resolutions 2013 and Fashion!

I have had a very interesting, fun, hectic, and family filled few weeks!

2012 was full of change and transition. I moved a total of 3 times, I grew so much personally, and I achieved many of my resolutions that I  had back in 2011. Now it’s time for a new set of resolutions….so here it goes!

  • Love myself: This doesn’t mean to be selfish or be vain, but I have always let what others think of me affect my day or my attitude towards myself or my mood. I strive to work hard to build a better self-image and to believe in myself more. Although I have come a long way with this one, it’s still on my “new year’s resolutions” list because it is a daily challenge for myself and others alike to wake up in the morning loving yourself and believing that you are a valued human being in this world.
  • Pay off debt/Save more money: This is another one that I actually did really well with in 2012 however I wasn’t able to pay off ALL debt in 2012. So this one is still on  my list! 🙂
  • Be more consistent with healthy cooking: I was really proud of myself in 2012 for staying diligent with my goal of getting fit and staying active by exercising regularly, etc. however I wasn’t as good at being focused on cooking more meals and more healthy meals at that. So this is a fun goal of mine for 2013.
  • Be more consistent in my interaction on!!!: I love you guys (whoever you are hehe!) and I feel like I have finally found my rhythm and my place in my life. So I am making a commitement to myself to be consistent and to interact with you all more often. Wrk It Girl is my baby and I want to treat it as such. A baby needs to be fed and nurtured and that’s exactly what I’ll do….since I don’t have kids, maybe this will be a good prep for when I do have a baby one day haha!

These were just a few of my new year’s resolutions that I wanted to share and I want to know what some of your new year’s resolutions are! So leave a comment and let me know what you want to accomplish or change or do in 2013!

I also wanted to share this look that I put together and it’s inspired by this super cold weather outside. I created this look with edge and class in mind. I would say that’s the best way to describe my personal style. I love edgy pieces such as these black booties and the oxblood purse with metal detailing and pairing them  with something dainty and classy like the faux fur collar and classic nude cardigan. I would love to see your twist on this look!

xoxo, Wrkitgirl

understated oxblood

Dorothy Perkins crewneck sweater / VILA faux fur collar coat, $40 / Witchery cropped pants, $73 / Dollhouse platform booties / Alexander Wang leather tote / RGB nail polish