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Swedish Adventures: Stockholm Day 1

We arrived in Stockholm really early in the morning. Our hotel wasn’t ready yet so we began with breakfast and I read a little of my Vogue magazine.

We then met up with my aunt, uncle and little cousin.

Off we went to see my new baby niece! I was so excited but still in a daze from my travels as I hadn’t had any sleep (not even on the plane) in about 22 hours.

We finally arrive at my brother’s apartment and I saw baby Ella for the first time. She is literally the most adorable baby ever! She looks a lot like my sister or me when we were infants. She is so calm and peaceful most of the time. The only time she is upset is when she’s hungry and I don’t mind that because I get the same way when I’m hungry. So in that sense I see a lot of me in Ella, haha! When I’m ready to eat, I’m READY to eat!

After we visited my new baby niece we went to Vapiano’s to have some lunch. I had amazing pasta called “pollo picante”. It had chicken, pasta, cilantro, and many peppers. It was so good!

After lunch we went for some coffee and to chat a little. On the way to coffee we went for a walk around the palace and parliament area. It was actually a very nice sunny day as the forecast said it was supposed to be cloudy, rainy and cold. It was still cold but the skies were pretty clear. We finally arrived at Wayne’s Coffee, which is a popular coffee house (comparable to Starbucks) and we get to chat about our day so far. We mainly talked about Ella! How strong she is to be just one week old, how beautiful she is, how calm she is, etc. Day 1 was a success and my mom and I were so exhausted from our travels. By the time we got back to the hotel around 5:30pm local time, we laid down for a nap and we were supposed to meet up around 7:00pm for dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin. When they called us to meet up we were so tired, we slept through dinner.

Below are some photos from day 1. There aren’t very many as I was exhausted from my travels. Stay tuned for Day 2 of Stockholm and you’ll get to see much more!

Thanks for visiting!


Have you had Water today?

I drink a lot of water throughout my day. From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed (which I probably shouldn’t drink water before bed because I always have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom). I recently kept track of how much water I drink at work alone.
We accidentally ordered these large 20 ounce cups for the office so I started to fill those all the way up to the top with water and just drinking water as I normally would. I found that I drank 80 ounces a day (4-20ounce cups) of water. There are 128 ounces of water in 1 gallon! So that doesn’t include what I drink when I first wake up and throughout my evening when I’m at home. So to give you a good guestimate, I drink about a gallon of water per day.
Don’t get me wrong; it was not an easy road getting to this point. I used to be a hardcore soda drinker! Yea I said it. I drank soda! Soda made me very sluggish, gassy, and worst of all, it made my skin break out. My skin was horrible and I couldn’t figure out why. I made a connection this is was because of what I ate and drank because I gave up soda and eating bad for Lint earlier this year and my body felt amazing during that period of time.
Since I have started drinking water I noticed my skin texture and tone have improved dramatically. I get many compliments and people ask me what I have been doing differently. They have mentioned they notice a glow and I have a lot less blemishes on my face. Well the secret is: no coffee (because it dehydrates and makes your skin look dry), lots of water, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!
Another benefit from drinking more water is healthier digestive systems and it flushes out toxins from your body.
So I just wanted to share with you secret to feeling more energized and having healthier looking skin. I hope this helps!
How much water will you drink today?

Put a smile on to cure that Funk!

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I had amazing sleep, I felt refreshed, but I just woke up in a poopy mood. I carpool to work with my coworker every morning and I didn’t really say a peep. I was deep in thought but I just kept trying to tell myself to snap out of it!
I get to work and I start doing my normal routine (clock in, put my lunch in the fridge of the break room, check emails, then get started). I just couldn’t get my mind right.
So my coworker was going to grab some breakfast and asked if I wanted to come along. I usually don’t go but today I said “ok”. We leave and I am still silent. I let him know that I’m not in a good mood and he says “oh lordy!” haha!. So he starts talking about his experience at a food trailer (there’s a lot of those where I live) and how amazing the food is and I can feel my spirits rising. If you know me and as you’ll learn I am IN LOVE with food! Food excites me! So as he’s going along with his story I am getting more and more intrigued and asking more questions and how I want to go and try it out.
We get to our destination and the cashier asks “how are you?” and I say “I’m good, how are you?” but I FORCED myself to smile. And not just a half way fake smile, a REAL smile. Almost instantly my attitude changes, I became more talkative and I even sparked a conversation with some strangers (who were musicians with awesome fashion sense might I add).
My point of telling you about my morning is that smiling is a great medicine for a funk! If you just can’t seem to get out of it, make yourself smile and laugh even. It works!
Have you smiled today yet?!

Sinful Colors: Timbleberry

I enjoyed a night of watching Julie & Julia, a movie about a woman who blogs about cooking and painting my nails with my homegirl Barbee.
I actually didn’t have any “fall colors” on hand but there was a Red color by Revlon handy. I decided to go with the Red since that’s an all around any-season color. After my base coat dries (which I bought for $1.08 at Dollar General, yay me!) I began to apply the Red color. It started to get chunky and pasty after just two strokes of the brush! I was so disappointed because I if you’re anyone who knows me once I make up my mind, my mind is set! It’s hard for me to change direction once I put on that laser vision. I actually continued to apply it on every single nail of my right hand and the outcome was still the same.
So I decided to regroup, removed the nail polish with my $3 acetone from Target and choose a different paint. There was a bright orange color that was almost red. The brand is Sinful Colors in Timbleberry. Reluctantly unscrewing the bottle after my second time applying my base coat I took a deep breath and began to apply. It surprisingly went on really smooth and the actual process of painting was so much faster and neater than my experience 5 minutes earlier with Revlon. I began to get really happy and content of the choice I made to not “beat a dead horse” with that other color and just move on (I think this says something about my personality…hmmm).
Once done, I applied my topcoat let it dry and boy am I happy I met you Sinful Colors! That goes to show that investing in a good polish (that’s really only about $3 or $4 more than the “regular” brands) is so worth it. It’s less hassle, faster process and it looks like the pros did it! Check out my photos of the complete work. My friend Barbee’s nails are featured in one of the pictures (hers are the purple set).
What are your favorite brands of nail polishes?

Maybelline Sapphire Siren Tutorial




I am really loving Maybelline products right now. I feel that the quality is comparable to the more expensive brands and the pigments of their eyeshadow palettes are amazing! My latest purchase is the Sapphire Siren palette. After your eye shadow primer, when you apply the colors they are so true to color. Other shadow palettes will have a faded or dulled look when you apply them. But not this line of palettes. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and leave comments on what other tutorials you’d like to see or any feedback you have for me!

Products used:


  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation Primer
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
  • MAC Select Sheer Pressed powder


  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Sapphire Siren palette
  • Covergirl Liquiline Blast black eyeliner
  • Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner
  • Covergirl Mascara


  • Clinique blush in Fig
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish highligher in Soft and Gentle


  • Blistex deep lip conditioner
  • MAC lipstick in Snob
  • MAC lipstick in Viva Glam V



I recently joined a crossfit team to shake up and do something different for a workout routine. OH MY GOODNESS am I out of shape! I work out regularly, but I haven’t done anything this athletic and intense in so long. I have been in athletics since the age of 8 starting with track & basketball followed by Tennis. I don’t play Tennis as often as I used to, so my endurance and strength level has definitely gone down.

The first day I went, we lifted bars with huge weights on either side. It was so intimidating at first. But later I learned that it was the equivalent of picking up a 3 year old child haha! We also did box jumps which are definitely a lot harder than it looks. And I learned how to do a proper push up! Our coach, Phil, is really cool and motivating. Seeing the way he and his students look is proof that crossfit really works.

What I immediately fell in love with is that you are working out with a small group of people, so it was great to meet new people with the same mentality or goals as mine when it comes to health and fitness.

I cannot wait to share pictures of my experience and the progression of my body. My personal goal is to tone up a bit and increase endurance.

What is your workout routine??? What are your personal fitness goals???

Healthy Foods To Eat During The Day

Hello All!!! I am so excited about my next series. It is called Healthy Foods To Eat During The Day. I will go through some options/choices of what to eat to help you make it through that long day of class, long day at work, or just a healthier snack choice at home.

I must admit, it is so hard for me to “eat healthy”. Sometimes I just want that greasy taco or indulge in that amazing Coca-cola. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! But, as I get older, and each day goes by, I realize that I will wake up and be OLD! My goal is to try and take care of my body so that I can stick around on this planet for a little bit longer. I want to have a good quality of life while I’m at it.

I hope that you join me in my journey! Until next time!!!

Florals and Studs!

flowers and studs
I am in love with this floral bustier! I think these are so great for this season. I paired it with this asymmetrical skirt and these studded booties. I always like to add a pop of bad girl to my sweet girl outfits! Enjoy!

Homemade Strawberry Facial Mask

Summer 2012 trend: Braids!

One of my favorite summer 2012 trends is the classic braid. One of the things that I love about braids is that they are super easy, low maintenance and you can get creative with them.

Who wants to see some braid tutorials?

I will post a video showing different ways to wear a braid.

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