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Summer 2012 trend: oversized floppy hats!

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, one of the trends that we will touch on today are Oversized Hats for summer 2012!!! Many celebs are latching on to this trend as it not only makes as statement but it also protects your precious face from the sun and camouflages those bad hair days! Some great places to get the look for less are Target, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and Macy’s! Those are some of my favorite places to shop for today’s trends.


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Where’s my coffee?! Part 3

My final update on my new “no caffeine” journey. I officially have no more headaches! Yay! I am so pleased about that. It about a week and a half for that to go away. I was in so much pain all the time. I feel a lot more clear, I feel like I live a cleaner lifestyle as far as health goes. I think my true motivation behind all this was my scare a couple weeks ago when I went to the emergency room for an allergic reaction. I have never had a problem with what I ate, and next thing I knew I was in the emergency room.

I am now a lot more conscious of what I put into my body. I saw the allergist on Friday and I have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks and that’s when I’ll find out what it was that caused this reaction.

Anyway, I am now happy to say that I no longer drink caffeine. And if I do, it’ll be rare. No more on a regular basis. I am so glad I stuck through it. It was definitely a tough road, but it actually has motivated me to fight more battles. This journey has taught me that even though it hurts, even though it’s tough, the end of the road is much brighter. The rewards are much greater if you stick to it.  This was my mini lesson on perseverance.

Where’s my coffee?! Part 2

So I’ve been off of this caffeine for officially 1 week! What a rocky road that has been. I have had the worst headaches ever! I’ve been very irritable and sleepy. Today was actually the first day that the headaches were not as bad. I have noticed that when I eat fresh fruits, my headache pain is lightened up a bit. And I have been drinking lots of water too, so I’m sure that has helped with the process. I went for a workout at the gym today and I feel a lot lighter. I feel like I have energy. More energy than usual. Maybe it’s mental, but I do feel like I’m a lot healthier these days. I have been eating salads a lot this week as well, and that has made me feel and look a lot better as well. My skin has definitely seen a huge difference with a little to no blemishes.

I’m really excited to finally have these side effects gone! I’ll keep you all posted on my “no caffeine” journey.

Love in the summer

summer love
This is a flirty look I created for your enjoyment today! Asymmetrical dresses are one of the hot trends this season as well as denim vests. I added the black platform heels for some edge and the hat and shades combo for a little fun. This look is great for a summer date night at the movies or going for some dinner and ice cream. How will you recreate this look?

Where’s my coffee?!

the effects of coffee on your body

I absolutely love coffee. I can’t go one morning without having my daily cup of coffee. However, I recently learned that coffee can have some negative side effects and could actually cause someone to be dependent. It’s actually considered to be an addictive drug!

So I wanted to challenge myself and see how I would be affected if I stopped drinking coffee and caffeine in general. I was definitely blown away! I actually got to the point to where I was drinking about 2 cups of coffee EVERY morning, sometimes 3. I stopped drinking coffee last week and I have been hurting. I have had bad headaches for days. I am super sleepy all the time. And I am really grumpy. I did a little research and this is all to be expected from someone who stops the intake of caffeine.

I became particularly interested in what this meant for me as a woman. What type of side effects does caffeine have on women? The one thing that stuck out to me was “increased stress hormones”. I am always stressing out about the smallest things…since I was young I’ve always been this way. To learn that caffeine increases stress hormones was a definite deal breaker! Caffeine also affects your heart health and digestive health.

Now don’t get me wrong, caffeine has some benefits, in particular for athletes like runners because it increases the circulation of fatty acids. It also helps with muscle pain after a tough workout.

Anyway, my point is, I am cut-off caffeine and I’m keeping track of how it is affecting me. I’ll keep you all posted on how I’m feeling. Hopefully these side effects won’t last long because I am miserable!

Hopefully this will get you to look at your caffeine intake and evaluate how you’re doing.

Neon Craze!

Neon trend
So it is about that time. It’s almost Summer!!! One of the hottest trends is the use of neons in your wardrobe. I created a look that inspired me from the photo of a girl with a neon yellow top and neon orange bottoms. She also added a black bag to pull it all together. Here I included beige accessories, such as the sandals and the belt. I felt the look did not need to look like a bag of skittles, but having a couple of elements of neon keeps you looking trendy and not crazy.
How will you make use of this hot new trend?

Getting good sleep

One thing I do know about myself, if I do not get my sleep, I am the crankiest most unpleasant person to be around.

I am super moody, short tempered, and I have trouble paying attention or being productive.

For me, sleep is so important. It even has an effect on my day going well. I will feel so much more positive, energized, and happy if I have had some good sleep the night before.

Another great benefit of sleep…you look youthful! If you don’t get the sleep you need, it eventually ages you. Your face will begin to show your age or make you look younger.

I recently saw one of my best friends a couple weeks ago (she flew down from California…what an awesome weekend that was!), and I said “Your mother has not aged since we were little. What is her secret?” And she said “Girl, my momma can sleep!!!” It was so funny the way she said it, but it’s so true! She said “my mom sleeps, she doesn’t drink, and she moisturizes”. Well there you go!


Some tips on getting good sleep:

1)   Start winding down about an hour before your bedtime. Turn off the t.v., dim the lights, wash your face and brush your teeth and be in a quiet space

2)   Drink caffeine-free tea with lavendar (this is one of my fav things to do)

3)   Burn a candle of jasmine or lavendar. These scents really help to calm and relax

4)   Shower before bedtime. I honestly did not used to do this. I prefer to shower in the morning because it wakes me up, but I have been showering before bedtime for the past few months and I am definitely feeling the benefits. I feel like the shower at night is what helps clear my mind, my soul and my body of any toxins or bad energy. And the regimn of putting on lotion is also a calming effect.

I really hope you get your ZZzzzzzz’s tonight! There’s nothing like a good nights rest!

As you can see, Charlie (my dog) has no trouble sleeping haha!


Sephora Haul!!!

How to: Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

I absolutely love clip-in hair extensions. I can wear my short hair whenever I want and when I want to glam it up a bit I add in my clip-in hair extensions by Euronext Collection. I bought mine from Sally Beauty Supply. At the time they were on sale for about $90. The whole process only takes about 10 minutes for installation and styling. If I am curling my hair, it’ll take a little longer. The up-keep of the hair is super easy, just wash it like you normally would your own hair. It is Human hair, so you can wash it, dry it, curl it, flat iron it, color it, whatever you want! I think it’s a great investment and I encourage you to try clip-in hair extensions. They are a game changer! View my tutorial on how to install clip-in hair extensions. Wrk IT Girl!!!

Polka Dots and Pearls


I love the polka dots and pearls looks!!! And the pants were a hit! I admit, I was pretty nervous about wearing them. I didn’t know how they would look on me, but I got so many compliments! I must say it made me feel great. Happy weekend loves!!!

I am in love with these pants from Love Culture. They were only $19!!! And the shoes are from Charlotte Russe and the top as well. The Pearl necklace is from Charming Charlie on Sale for $7. And the Pearl earring from Icing by Claire’s and they are under $10.

p.s. I chopped off my hair! What do you think?