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Paris Nights with Grifflin Paris

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Bonjour my friends and welcome to our fascination on Grifflin Paris (hence the salutation)! In spite of the constant sticky skin and the smell of sunscreen, Summer is Wrk IT Girl’s favorite season. Our summer wardrobe staples include short shorts, dresses and loose-fit breathable clothing. We love Grifflin Paris’ collection of dresses and maxis. Based in Los Angeles, CA they are able to bring Parisian flare and merge the East with the West. We all dream of going to Paris one day and they definitely take your imagination there with their romantic dresses, classic cuts and artful patterns (below).

Grifflin Paris

Grifflin Paris

Grifflin Paris

Wrk IT Girl particularly is in love with Grifflin Paris because they describe the Grifflin Paris woman as being “not defined by how she looks—she is defined by her attitude: assertive, sexy and stylish”. We strive to spread the message to all of our Wrk IT Girl followers all over the world, that you must know you are beautiful in order to be beautiful. This starts with adjusting your attitude and thoughts about your self-image.  Thank you Grifflin Paris for your focus on the confident woman. Because of the Grifflin Paris woman, we are sure they’ll be a standout collection at the WWDMAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas, NV in August 2013. For ways you can style your Grifflin Paris finds check out how we accessorized below!

It would be an honor to be apart of the blogger dream team for WWDMAGIC this August in Las Vegas. There are so many brands that I would love the opportunity to interact with. If I am selected, I am excited to announce that you will get a first-hand LIVE look into what goes down at the WWDMAGIC tradeshow right here on You will also get a sneak peek at the newest collections of so many different brands! I hope for your well wishes and good vibes to be sent my way for this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to see Grifflin Paris and so many other amazing labels!
For more information on Grifflin Paris, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.

Ways you can Style Grifflin Paris-Summer Wedding
Style Grifflin Paris-Weekend BBQ
How to Style Grifflin Paris-Beach Day

Grifflin Paris

Style Challenge: 7 Ways to Wear Red Jeans

7 ways to wear Red Jeans

Want to learn how to style Red Denim? Check out the 7 different ways above!

  1. Try a rocker chic look by styling your red jeans with a black leather jacket and a simple flat shoe or a combat boot. This look is a classic and timeless.
  2. Go nautical and pair your red jeans with a striped top and white all-star sneakers (Payless has mock all-star sneakers for less).
  3. Don’t know what to wear with those stylish sneakers? This is the perfect opportunity to wear your neons and funky wedge sneakers with your red jeans. This combination is perfect for summer!
  4. Dress up your red denim with a classic white button down and classic black pumps. This is an effortless yet stylish combination.
  5. You can wear your red jeans to work! Try styling with a navy blue blazer, white t-shirt and finish the look with a nude pump. Very classy.
  6. Go tribal with a tribal print cardigan or a white shirt and tribal print scarf. Include your favorite flats for a comfortable outfit for a weekend shopping session or a quick coffee run.
  7. One of the most popular ways to wear red jeans is to style with a denim top and finish with leopard accessories.

This is your opportunity to get creative and have fun with color! Show us how you style your red jeans on Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #wrkitgirl

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

Bright Summer Makeup Tutorial

Coral & Blue Makeup for Summertime tutorial

Some trending colors this Summer season are coral and bright blue or teal. In this tutorial you will learn how to use both colors without looking clown-like. The Revlon Photoready eyeshadow Palette in Bohemian (c/o Revlon) is what is used to achieve this gorgeous look. With a little help from a white base, as shown in the video, then you will be able to achieve this amazingly bright colored look! Have fun with this look and this one is a must try!

Leave in the comments below or on the Wrk IT Girl Instagram page what you would like to see next!

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

Wrk IT Girl Spotlight: Kris Stephens

We are starting a new series where we highlight a Wrk IT Girl of the month! This will be a woman who is chasing her dreams, breaking boundaries, and has a keen sense of fashion & beauty.

This month’s Wrk IT Girl is  Kris Stephens of T.I.’s Grand Hustle Gang. This songwriter turned singer has inviting vocals that have been compared to Aaliyah and Sade. She recently recorded “One in a Million” as a tribute to the late Aaliyah(1979-2001). She was determined and steadfast at the age of 19 when she left her secure executive assistant position and her college studies at Towson University to pursue her dreams and a world of the unknown. This ambitious and passionate artist is on a roll and we can’t wait to see what’s next from her.

Kris Stephens

Where do you draw your inspiration from when you are writing a song or singing?

I draw inspiration from experience and things that I’ve gone through in the past. I also write based on my girlfriends’ experiences and some of it is fabricated but mostly based on real life experiences.

What has been your biggest obstacle breaking into the music industry?

I wouldn’t say that I have gone through my biggest obstacle yet, but I think that so far choosing my lane and how I want to sound is the biggest challenge. I am first and foremost a songwriter so I want to stay to true to that and the real me.

What advice would you give your younger self with what you know now?

I would definitely tell her to always, always, always gather knowledge. Gather knowledge and pay attention to your surroundings. I would tell her to not act off of passion and to be patient. I would definitely tell her to Never Give Up. I mean that’s a given.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

I would say that my biggest accomplishment so far is the placement I had with Shakira and Pitbull. I mean they have an international following and to have that placement was just amazing. I mean I have had some other placements that were in the urban and r&b realm but this was huge because of the international appeal.

How would you describe your style?

I would say that I have a different style depending on the event. Sometimes I’ll throw on some J’s and sweats and other times I would be in a BCBG dress and Christian Louboutins. I mean I would say that I have a polished, nice & new style. I don’t like things to be too worn. I have sort of a high fashion with urban wear feel.

So you’re kind of like a style chameleon?

Yea, exactly. I’m a style chameleon. I can wear anything depending on the occasion.

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

My favorite place to travel is Hawaii because I feel like I can definitely go and let go. It is the ultimate level of peace. It is quiet, relaxing and I feel like I can talk to God. It is just so amazing.

A special thank you to Rebecca Briscoe of Houston Style Magazine for the connection to Kris’ team and the opportunity to interview her.






I went to my very first polo match a few days ago and I wanted to share my outfit for day 27 of 28 day challenge! We are almost done with this challenge which means you’ll be ready for some shopping!
The polo match was pretty chill. The spectators sit on the sidelines as the horses run after a white ball. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the game and rules so I’m sure I will attend another match to learn this sport.
What I Wore:
Dress: H&M (vintage)
Sunglasses: Necessary Clothing
Shoes: DSW

Grunge and pink


At the Macy’s Trendspotter event a couple nights ago I wanted to share what I wore for day 26 of the 28 day challenge! I decided to go with a grunge-y look and kept it feminine with heels and a pink top! It’s like a casual cute outfit. I felt it was perfect for this event because it was stylish but not too dressy.
What will you wear to the next month’s trendspotter event?!

Xoxo, Wrk IT Girl
What I’m Wearing:
Top: the limited
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Bakers

Trendspotter Event at Macy’s!

I had so much fun last night at the first Trendspotter Summer Series event at Macy’s! I was so happy to meet some of you there and to see some of the awesome fashion. The Houston Dynamo team was there as well as DJ Fanci who kept the party live! Chelsea Coffee, Fashion Editor for Houston Style Magazine, was the MC for the night and she also styled the outfits for the fashion presentation. Of course my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers were there as well! I wanted to share some of my favorite looks from the fashion presentation and give you an inside look at all the fun from last night.

I hope to see you all at the next Trendspotter event next month! There is good food, good drinks, good people, and nothing but good vibes!

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl











Trend Spotter Monthly Event tonight!

trendspotter ad

Hello my friends!

Tonight is the Macy’s and Houston Style Magazine Trend Spotter Monthly event! This is an industry event with networking, food, an awesome DJ (I met her a couple times and she’s super sweet) and lots of fashion!
I cannot wait to see you and meet you!
I have provided the official ad for the event.

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

Get Scattered

I went to the “Scatter My Ashes Over Bergdorfs” movie screening last night and I wanted to share my outfit that I wore!
This is for day 25 of the 28 day challenge. We’re almost done my friends! So get your pocket books ready for some serious shopping with all of the money you saved up!
What I’m Wearing:
•top: The Limited
•blazer: The Limited
•jeans: Shasa
•flats: Steve Madden
•purse: Arden B.
•accessories: vintage
(Sorry for the bad photo quality. I did not have my usual camera with me as cameras are not allowed in movie screenings)


Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference

Launch Her 2013

I am so excited to announce that I have been invited to attend the Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference (AWEC) in Houston, TX this Saturday May 18th! I am so honored and I cannot wait to share with you all my experience. I am so happy that Wrk IT Girl will be able to indulge in this event that is geared towards the betterment and empowerment of women from all walks of life.
If you are interested in attending please do not hesitate to visit to learn more.
xoxo, Wrk IT Girl