Cold/Flu Season Blues


My Hot Curry Soup and Hot Ginger Tea when I had a cold. So yummy and also made me feel so much better.

I had the cold (borderline flu) this winter season and I felt terrible!!! I had a nasty cough, I couldn’t get out of bed, my headaches were terrible and I had the worse stuffy nose.
I took a visit at the doctor and since I went in on the third day of my fever they were unable to prescribe me Tamiflu (which doesn’t cure the flu, it just helps get rid of the symptoms a little faster). As an alternative I was instructed to gets lots of rest, drink fluids, and drink teas and eat soup.
These are the cliché doctor’s orders you’ll hear but they actually really work if you do them!
So I slept for almost an entire day, when I did eat I had warm chicken noodle soup, and I drank hot tea. The tea (or any hot liquid for that matter) helps break up any nasty-ness in your chest (if not then it’ll turn into pneumonia or bronchitis and that’s no fun). The sleep just helped your body to fight off that virus and recharge.
I’m no doctor, but I followed my doctor’s orders and it worked for me! I did take over-the-counter cold/flu meds only at night, but for the most part I was medicine free!
I just wanted to share my experience with you all and to advise to stay home if you are sick and you really do need rest! Don’t go to work or school because you’ll spread the germs.
Good luck on staying germ free this season!
Xoxo, Wrk It Girl!

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