I recently joined a crossfit team to shake up and do something different for a workout routine. OH MY GOODNESS am I out of shape! I work out regularly, but I haven’t done anything this athletic and intense in so long. I have been in athletics since the age of 8 starting with track & basketball followed by Tennis. I don’t play Tennis as often as I used to, so my endurance and strength level has definitely gone down.

The first day I went, we lifted bars with huge weights on either side. It was so intimidating at first. But later I learned that it was the equivalent of picking up a 3 year old child haha! We also did box jumps which are definitely a lot harder than it looks. And I learned how to do a proper push up! Our coach, Phil, is really cool and motivating. Seeing the way he and his students look is proof that crossfit really works.

What I immediately fell in love with is that you are working out with a small group of people, so it was great to meet new people with the same mentality or goals as mine when it comes to health and fitness.

I cannot wait to share pictures of my experience and the progression of my body. My personal goal is to tone up a bit and increase endurance.

What is your workout routine??? What are your personal fitness goals???

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