Facing Change


Inspiration has found it’s place in many things for me. It’s found in street signs, packaging, Charlie (my dog), purses, nature, you name it. Simply walking across the street can send my brain somewhere creative or think on  a deeper level. Walking across the street reminds me walking a path from one time of your life to experience another because of change. Going through several changes or a single major change can be very scary and intimidating. Even if you’ve always dreamed of something huge to happen or you have wished for it all of your life, nonetheless when it arrives, it is the scariest feeling to know that some things are unknown. How do you know if this risk will really be worth it? What if it turns out to be the biggest mistake of your life? How do you know if you will be a better person because of it?

Well…you don’t know. You have to just keep moving and walk (or run) head-on with that dream that you have so desperately prayed for, asked for, and pursued. Spearhead into your life keeping your core morals in your toolbox and never forgetting where you came from. Make it a mission to strive to be a stronger and smarter person than you were the day before, the week before or the year before. That is all that you can control. Everything else is out of your hands. Train yourself  to focus on the positive attitude that you will have when things happen, be them good or bad.

So, as you see me walking across the street in my ripped jeansTory Burch cross body bag, and Vince Camuto pumps, remember that you can face anything. Just make sure you look fabulous doing it.

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

Wearing: Tory Burch cross body bagripped jeansVince Camuto pumpsblack moto jacketturtle neck

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4 Responses to Facing Change

  1. Missy G says:

    I am loving your message, this morning. It’s totally fierce, just like your look!

  2. Nicole says:

    Work It Girl! LOL I had to because you’re strutting in this post. Looking great Marcella!

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