Fall 2012 Trend: Wedge Sneakers

Yesterday on my way to Target, I was particularly excited because I always love stopping by their shoe section just to see what gems I can find. And amongst all the normal knee high flat boots, and rain boots and heels there they were….the all black wedge sneaker!  I couldn’t resist, seeing as how I wanted the drool-worthy Isabel Marant’s but let’s just say they’re not in my budget right now haha! This is the “totally me” shoe. It’s the perfect shoe for the girly-girl who wants that comfort factor without having to put on a pair of 5-inch stilettos, or the chic tomboy that wants to add a little “look I’m a woman” to her outfit. I personally go between tomboy and girly-girl, depending on what side of the bed I wake up on (and weather).

I wore my shoes for the first time today and can you say comfort-licious?! I was a little under the weather, so this was the perfect option, I wanted to look cute, but I didn’t feel like going all out with a pair of stilettos and a dress (which I originally planned on wearing today).

*Just a side note*: Thank goodness for spell check, because no matter how often I get corrected when I spell stilettos I seem to always spell it wrong (with 2-L’s).

Enjoy some of my photography skills of my recent Target find. How do you feel about wedged sneakers? Love it or hate it?

*top photo credit: In-Style.com http://news.instyle.com/2012/05/17/wedge-sneakers-kate-bosworth-beyonce-photos/ 

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