Fall + Fashion & Fiat Event Recap

The other day we invited you to the Fall + Fashion & Fiat Event at Helfman Fiat and we were so happy to meet you and hear some of your favorite posts from Wrk IT Girl! When we arrived, we pulled up at Helfman and it was immediate VIP treatment with complimentary Valet from Superb Parking Management. Lights illuminated the building as if it was a Hollywood premiere and made it an exciting way to roll up. We walked in and are immediatly in awe of live artistry by Elizabeth Cencini and some of her art was displayed for purchase. We enjoyed great drinks provided by DASH Vodka and light bites from the fruit and cheese platter set up. This mixer had such a diverse group of people from different industries such as finance, the arts, media, engineering, etc. We had so much fun with you all and we ended the night with the Harlem Shake! Check out some of the photos below. We had such a great time and thank you to all who were able to make it out. A special thank you to Brand Elixir for having us as a co-host for the event!

xoxo, WrkITGirl


fiat1 fiat2 fiat3 fiat4 fiat5 fiat6 fiat7


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