Fashion Houston 2013

We had an amazing time last night at Fashion Houston and so happy to return. Last year was amazing, but this year is even greater! As you enter, you get the experience of the exciting red carpet with lights and photographers taking your picture and sexy Audi cars to pose with. Last year we met Yolanda Adams and we shared how much that moment meant, and this year we met the Founder/President of Fashion Houston Jared Lang! If it weren’t for Fashion Houston, when would we have had that full circle moment with Yolanda? Who knows.

Marios Schwab opened the show with a fantastic mini-movie and Catherine Deane finished the first half of the show with her gorgeous dresses.

Last night we saw some amazing and talented emerging designers such as Amir Taghi, Viet Kent Nguyen, and Jo’se Reyes. We were in love with Amir’s hand crafted feather eye lashes and Viet’s awesome music with colorful pieces. We were in awe over Jo’se’s dramatic gowns at the end of his collection on the runway.

Our favorite designers of the night were Talbot Runhof and their perfect and crisp designs. They used a lot of black and white and pops of yellow in the collection.

We were so happy that we had the chance to be on the press team for Fashion Houston this year! Thanks to Houston Fashion Bloggers for passing along this opportunity.

Jared Lang Editor-in-Chief with Founder/President of Fashion Houston, Jared Lang


Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab 1 Marios Schwab 2

Catherine Deane

Catherine Deane 1 Catherine Deane 2 Catherine Deane 3 Catherine Deane 4 Catherine Deane 6

Emerging Designers: Amir Taghi, Viet Nguyen, Jo’se Reyes

Amir Taghi

Amir Taghi 1 Amir Taghi 2 Amir Taghi 3

Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen 1 Viet Nguyen 2

Jo’se Reyes

Jose 1 Jose 2 Jose 3 Jose 4

Talbot Runhof

Talbot Runhof 1 Talbot Runhof 2 Talbot Runhof 3 Talbot Runhof 4 Talbot Runhof 5 Talbot Runhof 6 Talbot Runhof 7 Talbot Runhof 8

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  1. shasie says:

    Talbot Runhof was my favorite! I loved their collection!

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