Favorites Fridays: Fall Flower Arrangements

Today is our very first Favorites Fridays and through this series we will be sharing random things that we are in love with at the moment. This week’s Favorites Friday are Fall Flower Arrangements. We have had 2 in the last couple weeks and will officially make it a Fall tradition to always keep an arrangement around. We think that flowers are the first indicators of change and new beginnings and we have embraced this theory full force. Depending on what area you live in, flowers could be easily accessible. We are based in Southern United States (Texas) and flower arrangements are super easy to obtain. You will always find a floral section in your local grocery store and you can get a cute arrangement for as little as $5. You can easily spruce up your dinner table or office space with a simple and affordable way to bring in the fall spirit! We wanted to share some Fall Floral inspiration with you and show off our own arrangement that’s in the office now.

Photo Credits below WrkITGirl.com office arrangement: 1, 2, 3, 4

Our Fall Flower Arrangement at WrkITGirl.com office

Our Fall Flower Arrangement at WrkITGirl.com office

Fall Flower ArrangementsFall Flower ArrangementsFall Flower ArrangementsFall Flower Arrangements



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