Getting good sleep

One thing I do know about myself, if I do not get my sleep, I am the crankiest most unpleasant person to be around.

I am super moody, short tempered, and I have trouble paying attention or being productive.

For me, sleep is so important. It even has an effect on my day going well. I will feel so much more positive, energized, and happy if I have had some good sleep the night before.

Another great benefit of sleep…you look youthful! If you don’t get the sleep you need, it eventually ages you. Your face will begin to show your age or make you look younger.

I recently saw one of my best friends a couple weeks ago (she flew down from California…what an awesome weekend that was!), and I said “Your mother has not aged since we were little. What is her secret?” And she said “Girl, my momma can sleep!!!” It was so funny the way she said it, but it’s so true! She said “my mom sleeps, she doesn’t drink, and she moisturizes”. Well there you go!


Some tips on getting good sleep:

1)   Start winding down about an hour before your bedtime. Turn off the t.v., dim the lights, wash your face and brush your teeth and be in a quiet space

2)   Drink caffeine-free tea with lavendar (this is one of my fav things to do)

3)   Burn a candle of jasmine or lavendar. These scents really help to calm and relax

4)   Shower before bedtime. I honestly did not used to do this. I prefer to shower in the morning because it wakes me up, but I have been showering before bedtime for the past few months and I am definitely feeling the benefits. I feel like the shower at night is what helps clear my mind, my soul and my body of any toxins or bad energy. And the regimn of putting on lotion is also a calming effect.

I really hope you get your ZZzzzzzz’s tonight! There’s nothing like a good nights rest!

As you can see, Charlie (my dog) has no trouble sleeping haha!


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