Hungry? Healthy snacking


Healthy Snacks


So I myself have to eat multiple times a day. If I don’t eat, I will get really sick and weak and maybe even pass out! Although everyone isn’t as dramatic as I am if they don’t eat, it’s still a good idea to have a snack to sustain your body/mental health through out the day. Our daily lives are so hectic and we aren’t always choosing the best things to nibble on between meals. One of my favorite things to snack on are nuts(almonds or mixed nuts), fruits (apples with almond butter, or oranges), and veggies (like carrots and celery with almond butter). According to it’s best to choose things 100 calories or less like the things I just listed or even popcorn!

So the next time you want to grab that bag of potato chips or candy bar, choose these healthy yet tasty alternatives!



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