I Don’t Want A Female Beard!

Biotin Biotin

It’s been almost a year since I chopped off my hair and shaved the sides to end up with a super rad mohawk(see below for pics). I never took into consideration that day that I would want to grow my hair back. Fast forward almost a year later and I have been through an entire years’ worth of the painful awkward hair phases as my hair grows in weird lengths since I shaved the sides and kept the top long for the mohawk. I finally just started taking Biotin which is a dietary supplement to promote the growth of hair, however I realized that the guy at GNC gave me the men’s version instead of the girl version. I called up there to see if it’ll be harmful and they said no, it just contains a little more Biotin than the one for females. Hmm, we’ll see. I will continue to take it, I just hope I don’t become a werewolf and grow a beard. It’s bad enough I already have chin hairs that I’m trying to get laser removed, so I hope this doesn’t affect that process (don’t act like you don’t have little chin or upper lip hairs either. We ALL have it, we just don’t talk about it.). Anyway, wish me luck!!! I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

mohawk mohawk

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