International Women’s Day 2012

Hello there my lovelies! So today, March 8, 2012, is International Women’s Day.  Today is a day that has been celebrated for over 100 years. Celebrations of this day include general appreciation, love and respect for women to a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievement.

Today I am reflecting on the women who have had a major impact on my life. Both of my grandmothers have had a huge impact on the woman I am today. My grandmother on my father’s side has overcome great struggle raising 5 young men on her own, never complaining, always providing, humble, self-sufficient, strong, independent, and always full of love. My grandmother on my mother’s side (we call her Tita) is a fighter as well. She came to this country with all four of her kids and her husband without being able to speak English. She learned the language on her own and made a comfortable life for her family. And my own mother raised four kids (myself and my siblings) with my father.  I never knew if times were good or bad. We never wanted for anything. She is so independent, self-sufficient, intelligent, and has always put her children first. I hope to one day be half as great a woman as the ones that came the generations before me. I am so fortunate to have had these great examples of strong, independent, classy, and poised women who have so much heart and fight in them. I hope to be as strong as they are.

Today I will celebrate international women’s day by calling the women I love and telling them I love them for being them!

How will you celebrate international women’s day?

Please take a look at the following links for more information and background on this day. Enjoy!


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