My Favorite Fashion & Beauty Magazines

I have a large collection of fashion magazines that I have accumulated over the years. I can’t seem to let them go because they were my source of inspiration and my reason to continue dreaming. The women and the articles that were featured also were a source of inspiration and motivation for me in my younger years and my impressionable days. I wanted to share with you my favorite magazines and the ones that I feel give me the most for my money’s worth because buying magazines can get expensive.

  • My number one favorite is Vogue. They always have a way of featuring intriguing and content rich articles. A person’s accomplishments and journey in their professional career is always tied back to the relevant topic of fashion.
  • My next favorite is InStyle Magazine. They not only provide great styling tips but also provide a platform of substance that I seek out.
  • Last but not least I LOVE Allure magazine for all of the latest beauty trends!

I hope this helps, and no this was not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my favorite magazines that I go to for my yearly inspirations. I even refer to the ones from 2004 or 2005 that I still enjoy reading from cover to cover as if it were the first time!
Xoxo, Wrk It Girl

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