New Year’s Resolutions 2013 and Fashion!

I have had a very interesting, fun, hectic, and family filled few weeks!

2012 was full of change and transition. I moved a total of 3 times, I grew so much personally, and I achieved many of my resolutions that I  had back in 2011. Now it’s time for a new set of resolutions….so here it goes!

  • Love myself: This doesn’t mean to be selfish or be vain, but I have always let what others think of me affect my day or my attitude towards myself or my mood. I strive to work hard to build a better self-image and to believe in myself more. Although I have come a long way with this one, it’s still on my “new year’s resolutions” list because it is a daily challenge for myself and others alike to wake up in the morning loving yourself and believing that you are a valued human being in this world.
  • Pay off debt/Save more money: This is another one that I actually did really well with in 2012 however I wasn’t able to pay off ALL debt in 2012. So this one is still on  my list! 🙂
  • Be more consistent with healthy cooking: I was really proud of myself in 2012 for staying diligent with my goal of getting fit and staying active by exercising regularly, etc. however I wasn’t as good at being focused on cooking more meals and more healthy meals at that. So this is a fun goal of mine for 2013.
  • Be more consistent in my interaction on!!!: I love you guys (whoever you are hehe!) and I feel like I have finally found my rhythm and my place in my life. So I am making a commitement to myself to be consistent and to interact with you all more often. Wrk It Girl is my baby and I want to treat it as such. A baby needs to be fed and nurtured and that’s exactly what I’ll do….since I don’t have kids, maybe this will be a good prep for when I do have a baby one day haha!

These were just a few of my new year’s resolutions that I wanted to share and I want to know what some of your new year’s resolutions are! So leave a comment and let me know what you want to accomplish or change or do in 2013!

I also wanted to share this look that I put together and it’s inspired by this super cold weather outside. I created this look with edge and class in mind. I would say that’s the best way to describe my personal style. I love edgy pieces such as these black booties and the oxblood purse with metal detailing and pairing them  with something dainty and classy like the faux fur collar and classic nude cardigan. I would love to see your twist on this look!

xoxo, Wrkitgirl

understated oxblood

Dorothy Perkins crewneck sweater / VILA faux fur collar coat, $40 / Witchery cropped pants, $73 / Dollhouse platform booties / Alexander Wang leather tote / RGB nail polish

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