No bad choices


Photography by Taylor Horne

When what you thought was a good choice turned out to be an unfortunate chain of events, it’s easy to feel defeated. I can honestly consider myself the queen of “good ideas that turned bad”. I learned that I am human, we are all human, and the experiences that we go through ultimately make us who we are today. Stronger, wiser, more aware and at an advantage since we know what not to do. The key is in how you react to your blunder. It’s ok to give yourself a few minutes to freak out, but quickly snap out of it and work on the next steps to make things right. Being the first to admit that your idea wasn’t so great is the first step to making it right. Whether it was a business decision, how you handled a work situation, or an interaction with a friend. This is all apart of growing up, growing as a person and making yourself the best version of yourself.  As I was heading to brunch today, wearing my favorite jean jacket and distressed denim, I was reflecting on all of the mistakes or “bad choices” I made in the past and I laugh at how worried I used to get. I am happy knowing that I have a certain power on how things will go from here on out. What was the worst choice you thought you made, but it turned out to be ok?

Wearing: Pink sleeveless top (similar) | ripped jeans (similar) | jean jacket (similar) | Striped Heels | Oversized Sunglasses

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