Obligatory All Black Outift


Photography by Taylor Horne

My mood was certainly reflected in today’s outfit and ironically it’s the obligatory NYC All-Black outfit.  I must say, I was in a pretty “don’t mess with me attitude” all day. From the time I woke up, until now. I think the NYC vibes are rubbing off on me. Or rather they’re starting to get to me. Everyone in such a hurry to get from here to there and they get upset if you’re not going at their pace. I had someone nearly push me out of the way even though everyone was walking in the same direction. I’m usually a positive person and don’t let things get to me, but a person can be pushed around so much before they finally say “hey enough already!” I am just having a moment and will get over the difference in pace in due time. In the meantime, I just need to put a pep in my step! At least I looked cute. That always makes me feel better.

Wearing: Leather leggings, H&M hat, Vintage Leather Jacket, Black T-shirt, Zara booties

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