Passion and Obsession

I had a revelation this past weekend. I have always loved fashion, makeup and style. I remember as a little girl I would beg my parents for fashion magazines so that I could be up to date on trends and see what designers were bringing to the table. I have been a voluntary student of anything fashion and beauty related. Not by force or pressure but because I truly had a passion and love for it.

Over the past year I have studied and done so much reading on different trends and makeup tricks and learned so much in the process. I know this may sound weird but it has become an obsession of mine. A healthy obsession. I believe if you are not obsessed over what you are doing or your craft then you are not in love with what you do. I see it as a relationship. If you are not continuously nurturing it and trying to keep things interesting it’ll get boring. Even with something you love so much, it can get boring. So you must stay up to date and always learning new ways to keep that spark and flame. This is sounding like a column about relationships but I hope this illustration helps you see my point.

I am sharing my journey with you all and I hope that it only motivates and inspires you to go for your dreams. I am big believer and advocate for chasing your dreams. It has been a tough road and it still is. I have so many challenges that I face every single day, but I must say that my obsession and passion is what’s kept my fire fueled.

Good Luck my friends and I hope to hear about what your passions are!

Xoxo, Wrk It Girl!

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