Playa Del Carmen Day 4 continued



Day 4 continues with Day16 of the 28 day challenge in my Victoria’s Secret monokini that I got a couple years ago. It is still in style and I am still as in love with it when I first got it!!!

After the tour of the Mayan ruins at Tulum we went on a Catamaran to do a little snorkeling. We went to Puerto Morelos which has the second largest coral reef in the world. There were so many different kinds of fish and different sizes and colors. It’s moments this these that I wish I could swim. Yes I said it, I can’t swim. So I was suited up in my pretty little neon-orange life vest the entire time. I’m working on it though. I’ve come a long way and have improved significantly but I’m not confident in my stamina and swimming for long periods of time. I shall update you on my swimming progress this year! I will be swimming like a fish before the end of 2013!!! That was actually one of my new year’s resolutions.

This was by far the best snorkeling I’ve ever done! I’ve snorkeled before and I either saw that same type of fish or I realized I was swimming with a Barracuda and got out the water so quick you would of thought it was coming after me. The barracuda was actually just chilling and not coming towards me but hey, you never know! I don’t play.

After snorkeling I walked out onto an island and hung out there for a bit for some reflection and play time in the water then headed back to the hotel. Day 4 was so fun, information filled, and relaxing. If you ever get a chance, go to Puerto Morelos. You won’t be disappointed in your experience. The softest sand I think I’ve ever felt between my toes.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret Monokini (bought 2 yrs ago)
  • Hat: borrowed

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