Playa Del Carmen Day 4

Playa Del Carmen Day 4

Day 4 of my trip and Day 16 of the 28 day challenge brings some simple shorts and a tribal print top. I chose to bring this top because it was in spirit of the Tulum tour that I took that day. Tulum is an ancient Mayan ruin where only about 100 people lived (approx. 12 families). It was said to be only for high priests, doctors, etc. The people there were so advanced that they knew about medicine, dentistry, and even astrology. I saw the evidence of all this first hand. This stuff isn’t made up y’all! If you make it out to Cancun or Playa Del Carmen you have to come to Tulum! Learning the history was so extraordinary and I can’t wait until they’re done excavating. It is about 65% excavated and it’s taken many years to get to that point. The sad thing is that I couldn’t go inside the buildings because people in the past put graffiti on the walls. ¡Que lástima!

Tulum is set on the coast and the beach is absolutely gorgeous. It’s also a great place to reflect and get some me-time if possible. There are so many tourists I’m not sure if that place is ever empty!

Thanks for visiting and until next time!

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

What I’m Wearing:

  • Shorts: Forever 21 (old)
  • Top: Necessary Clothing (boutique in NYC)
  • Shoes: Sperry’s (old)
  • Hat: I borrowed it

Playa Del Carmen Day 4 Playa Del Carmen Day 4 Playa Del Carmen Day 4

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