Sinful Colors: Timbleberry

I enjoyed a night of watching Julie & Julia, a movie about a woman who blogs about cooking and painting my nails with my homegirl Barbee.
I actually didn’t have any “fall colors” on hand but there was a Red color by Revlon handy. I decided to go with the Red since that’s an all around any-season color. After my base coat dries (which I bought for $1.08 at Dollar General, yay me!) I began to apply the Red color. It started to get chunky and pasty after just two strokes of the brush! I was so disappointed because I if you’re anyone who knows me once I make up my mind, my mind is set! It’s hard for me to change direction once I put on that laser vision. I actually continued to apply it on every single nail of my right hand and the outcome was still the same.
So I decided to regroup, removed the nail polish with my $3 acetone from Target and choose a different paint. There was a bright orange color that was almost red. The brand is Sinful Colors in Timbleberry. Reluctantly unscrewing the bottle after my second time applying my base coat I took a deep breath and began to apply. It surprisingly went on really smooth and the actual process of painting was so much faster and neater than my experience 5 minutes earlier with Revlon. I began to get really happy and content of the choice I made to not “beat a dead horse” with that other color and just move on (I think this says something about my personality…hmmm).
Once done, I applied my topcoat let it dry and boy am I happy I met you Sinful Colors! That goes to show that investing in a good polish (that’s really only about $3 or $4 more than the “regular” brands) is so worth it. It’s less hassle, faster process and it looks like the pros did it! Check out my photos of the complete work. My friend Barbee’s nails are featured in one of the pictures (hers are the purple set).
What are your favorite brands of nail polishes?

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