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I am so excited to share my latest experience at a new salon here in Houston, TX. I actually had anxiety about trying out a new place/person and didn’t know what to expect. I am extremely particular when it comes to my hair and it’s so hard for me to trust new people with my hair. I have had several hair disasters over the past few years so I’m even more protective and reluctant. I heard about Solution for Hair and Makeup and my girl Dia works there.

When I finally arrived it was a beautiful day and Solution for Hair and Makeup looks like an oasis when you pull up. I already had a sigh of relief. I walked in and the decor is beautiful. I instantly fell in love with the ambiance and the people. The hostess immediately offered me water or wine and had me change into my robe. Dia met up with me with a huge smile and immediately started talking with me about any hair concerns and what I wanted to achieve for my final look. My hair was very damaged on the ends and I had a couple different colors, so my goal was to have a very rich dark brown color and a nice trim to even out my hair from my mohawk days.

Long story short, Dia did an AMAZING job! My hair is kind of difficult and I was so impressed by her patience and her work ethic. Her desire to give me a perfect hair cut was even more impressive as she brought over her managers just to double check her work. I felt more and more confident in her and the salon because I know they will take that extra care in their clients.

You guys have to try this salon. This is my new go-to place and Dia is my new hair guru! Visit Solution for Hair and Makeup and ask for Dia Patel!

Thank you for visiting!

xoxo, WrkITGirl

Solution for Hair and Makeup

1800 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77098

Solution for Hair and Makeup Solution for Hair and MakeupSolution for Hair and Makeup Solution for Hair and Makeup Solution for Hair and Makeup

Dia in the zone doing hair!

Dia in the zone doing hair!

*Hair services c/o Soultion for Hair and Makeup









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