Wrk IT Girl’s Birthday celebrated at Dryden Kreps

A couple days ago Wrk IT Girl’s birthday was celebrated at the ever so gorgeous Dryden Kreps boutique at City Center in Houston, Texas. The store’s vibe was very sophisticated and refreshing with a hint of fascinating. They provided royal treatment with cocktails and yummy bites catered from a Mexican restaurant just across the way and they didn’t shy out on the cocktails either. Let’s just say we were in for a good time.

Their style experts were extremely knowledgable about the latest trends and were really diligent in helping you incorporate that into your personal style. Their gorgeous suits were like pieces of art as you’re able to have them custom tailored to your liking and you can do the same for the women’s wear as well.

I had the pleasure of meeting the VP of Dryden Kreps and he was a very sharp man, not only in his dress but his personality. He was so sweet and inviting and really made our experience enjoyable. I have been to many boutiques but I felt the differentiator is the A-list service, attention to detail, and their style experts knowledge. I will definitely be returning to Dryden Kreps for that VIP experience.

dryden kreps

awesome pillow made out of men’s ties

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