Swedish Adventures: Stockholm Day 1

We arrived in Stockholm really early in the morning. Our hotel wasn’t ready yet so we began with breakfast and I read a little of my Vogue magazine.

We then met up with my aunt, uncle and little cousin.

Off we went to see my new baby niece! I was so excited but still in a daze from my travels as I hadn’t had any sleep (not even on the plane) in about 22 hours.

We finally arrive at my brother’s apartment and I saw baby Ella for the first time. She is literally the most adorable baby ever! She looks a lot like my sister or me when we were infants. She is so calm and peaceful most of the time. The only time she is upset is when she’s hungry and I don’t mind that because I get the same way when I’m hungry. So in that sense I see a lot of me in Ella, haha! When I’m ready to eat, I’m READY to eat!

After we visited my new baby niece we went to Vapiano’s to have some lunch. I had amazing pasta called “pollo picante”. It had chicken, pasta, cilantro, and many peppers. It was so good!

After lunch we went for some coffee and to chat a little. On the way to coffee we went for a walk around the palace and parliament area. It was actually a very nice sunny day as the forecast said it was supposed to be cloudy, rainy and cold. It was still cold but the skies were pretty clear. We finally arrived at Wayne’s Coffee, which is a popular coffee house (comparable to Starbucks) and we get to chat about our day so far. We mainly talked about Ella! How strong she is to be just one week old, how beautiful she is, how calm she is, etc. Day 1 was a success and my mom and I were so exhausted from our travels. By the time we got back to the hotel around 5:30pm local time, we laid down for a nap and we were supposed to meet up around 7:00pm for dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin. When they called us to meet up we were so tired, we slept through dinner.

Below are some photos from day 1. There aren’t very many as I was exhausted from my travels. Stay tuned for Day 2 of Stockholm and you’ll get to see much more!

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