Swedish Adventures: Stockholm Day 2

The next day in Stockholm we tried to get in to the National Museum, but it was closed! So then we tried to go into the Nobel Museum (where the Nobel prize winners are selected) and that too was closed! I was surprised because I thought everyone worked on Mondays. I guess not in Sweden. So we walked around the palace a bit and notice that people were all crowding around the entrance. Guards began to line up. I thought “oh my goodness the king and queen are about to show up and walk right in front of us!”. We all stood in front of the roped off area as the guards controlled the crowd. The men in uniform began to chant, and make formations and twirl around their guns. They marched in opposite directions (one group heading south and the other heading north). They switched guards and then the ceremony was over. To my disappointment, it was just the changing of the guards. It was cool to see and experience, but I guess I expected to see something more “grand”.

After the changing of the guards’ ceremony I was starving and so was everyone else. We found this little dungeon looking restaurant that was an underground cafe. It seemed kind of spooky from the medieval times with its barely-there lighting with just candles and a few lamps lit, and all of the furniture was old and miss-match. They had a lunch menu and all they offered were pizzas or baked potatoes. So my cousin and aunt ordered a Hawaiian pizza and my mom and I had a Kebab pizza (with beef, peppers, onion, cheese).  The food was pretty good and it came with a side salad that included peas and corn (which I can’t stand the taste of either).

Now that we were re-fueled we went to the Cathedral of Stockholm. I believe it’s a Protestant Cathedral. I noticed that there was no holy water when you first walk in, which is indicative of a Catholic Cathedral, and Sweden is predominately Protestant, so that’s the reason for the guess. The Cathedral was gorgeous. I noticed that there wasn’t much color, in comparison to the cathedrals I have been to in Mexico, Spain and Italy. There was however lots of Gold and Ivory. It was very ornate.


After the visit to the Cathedral we headed back to the hotel and closed out our day. Stay tuned for Day 3 in my Stockholm adventure!

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