The transition

IMG_3229IMG_3166IMG_3117IMG_3164IMG_3173IMG_3170IMG_3122This Texas weather, boy I tell you. It takes a while to make up it’s mind. Cold one day, and hot the next. It’s dark, rainy and storming and the next hour it’s bright and the sun is shining. I used to hate the bi-polar weather here, but I kind of like it now. I enjoy and welcome all of the weather conditions. Even when I had plans to go outside and enjoy the day, if it starts raining I still find a peace and joy in it. Part of my own transition is trying to appreciate life and all this it provides and one being the beautiful nature we sometimes take for granted.

In light of the weather transition, it was appropriate to pair this turtle neck with a simple white pencil skirt and of course my signature pop of color, the red heels. I brought it all together with a pair of stud earrings and sunglasses. This is an easy way to go glam without even trying.

xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

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