Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her!

For those of you needing ideas on what to get your sister, mom, daughter, girlfriend, wife, etc. I have below a few gift ideas. These are things that I would personally love and I’m sure they would too!

I absolutely LOVE flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. I literally buy MYSELF fresh flowers just because they smell so amazing to me and lift my mood. And chocolate covered strawberries are a “mother-nature time of the month” staple!

I included a jewelry organizer as an option because she can never be too organized when it comes to jewelry. Her necklaces are probably all tangled, rings everywhere, and stud earrings missing a match. So I think this is a very practical and cute idea.

Forget me knot earrings because I think you can get creative with the presentation…maybe give them to her with a poem you wrote about never forgetting about her or something. Or a dainty heart necklace as an alternative. Every woman deserves her man’s heart.

I included 2 accessories, an embellished iphone case and a Tory Burch wallet. I love the wallet because of the color and I personally need a new one as my current one is all beat up. Again I think she would appreciate the thought of organizing her life just in time for Spring time! The embellished iphone case is just fun and cute!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her!

A little something on Valentine’s Day…I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I know, I know…I’m weird, but it’s not that I’m against it, I just think that Valentine’s Day should be year-round right? Not just one day a year that you show your love for your family, friends, and significant other. I did not participate last year as it was my first time not passing out little notes about how much I care about my loved ones and I must say it was kind of a downer. As much as I’m against the whole concept of Valentine’s Day and it being a reason to spend money I really enjoy making sweets for people and surprising them with a little something (like a note or stationary) to brighten their day and let them know they are cared for by someone.

So this year I will participate in the festivities, but I still believe that it was a made up holiday for people to spend money. Just my opinion. I won’t be buying any gifts, just supplies to make some yummy treats!

Let me know any ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for Him!!!

xoxo, Wrk It Girl

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