Where’s my coffee?! Part 2

So I’ve been off of this caffeine for officially 1 week! What a rocky road that has been. I have had the worst headaches ever! I’ve been very irritable and sleepy. Today was actually the first day that the headaches were not as bad. I have noticed that when I eat fresh fruits, my headache pain is lightened up a bit. And I have been drinking lots of water too, so I’m sure that has helped with the process. I went for a workout at the gym today and I feel a lot lighter. I feel like I have energy. More energy than usual. Maybe it’s mental, but I do feel like I’m a lot healthier these days. I have been eating salads a lot this week as well, and that has made me feel and look a lot better as well. My skin has definitely seen a huge difference with a little to no blemishes.

I’m really excited to finally have these side effects gone! I’ll keep you all posted on my “no caffeine” journey.

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