Wrk IT Girl Spotlight: Rebecca Briscoe

Rebecca Briscoe holding NHL Stanley Cup at ESPYS Awards 2012

Rebecca Briscoe holding NHL Stanley Cup at ESPYS Awards 2012

It’s that time again to put the spotlight on a young woman who is confident, inspirational, determined to make her dreams come true and stylish!

This month the spotlight is on Rebecca Briscoe who is the National Entertainment Reporter for Houston Style Magazine and is a PR consultant. With humble beginnings in Port Arthur, TX she went to LSU, then she started her career as a model. She then went to TSU for her masters degree which led to a career in education, and has now found herself at her calling in the Entertainment industry bringing the latest interviews with your favorite athletes, celebrities, and covering various events around the country. We are so happy to have Rebecca as our Wrk IT Girl spotlight for the month of July. See her interview below!

Rebecca Briscoe describes her style as "Femme Fatale"

Rebecca Briscoe describes her style as “Femme Fatale”

Rebecca with Mayor Parker

Rebecca with Mayor Parker

Wrk IT Girl: When did you know or how did you come about being in PR & becoming a National Entertainment Reporter for Houston Style Magazine?

Rebecca Briscoe: I never envisioned myself in PR. My aunt actually said to me one day “you are too pretty to pay to go to these parties you go to. You need to start covering these events”. So I started doing local interviews, and then I got an interview with a grammy award winning producer. Not too long after, I was getting on a plane and a woman said she was praying for me. She said to me “always be prepared. Keep pushing. Don’t give up. Stay focused. You got your image, keep that image. You got your cute little short haircut, stay yourself.”

Wrk IT Girl: What has been your biggest obstacle in your professional career?

Rebecca Briscoe: When I first was getting started and I tried building relationships wit Media people and trying to get started in PR Consulting, I would try to ask questions to learn more and I didn’t get the reception I thought I’d get. People are not willing to help. But I look at it as, if you don’t have set backs, headaches, if you don’t have that how are you going to have a catalyst for change?

Wrk IT Girl: What is your greatest accomplishment?

Rebecca Briscoe: I am a survivor. I was honored to be one of the top 25 women of Houston. I am have been able to adapt to change and figure things out. Remaining humble is another accomplishment.

Wrk IT Girl: What advice would you give your younger self?

Rebecca Briscoe: READ! Read until it hurts. I was in magnet programs when I was in school when I was younger and school came easy to me. But once I got to undergrad I struggled because of it. I really had a hard time in college. I would tell her to read.

Wrk IT Girl: People look up to your confidence and self-assurance. Were you always this way or did you have a turning point where you developed this trait?

Rebecca Briscoe: Yes absolutely. I’ve always been this way. My Uncle said that when I was a baby, I didn’t want to eat peas. When they tried to feed them to me, I spit them out. That when they knew I am not going to do something if I don’t want to. He said I was self-rightous at 6 months old. I went to the beat of my own drum. I drive to do what I wanted. I am never scared to go against the grain.

Wrk IT Girl: How would you describe your personal style?

Rebecca Briscoe: Femme Fatale. I use what I got to get what I need. Men love sexy, black women. Men love feminine & soft women. That’s what sells. I’ve gotten lots of love and attention for my style.

Wrk IT Girl: What future projects do you have coming up and what can we expect to see next from Rebecca Briscoe?

Rebecca Briscoe: I mean, I would love to do a reality show. So that people can see the real me. See who is Rebecca Briscoe. I would love to do more consulting, media consulting. Crisis Management. I want to get on a network eventually. And just keep making history.

Connect with Rebecca on TwitterInstagram or her Website.


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